Sound installation, 4x felted rugs
Voice by Raluca Croitoru, Pilar Mata Dupont, Tracy Hanna
Composer Janne Kosmos

Taking the form of confessions, four characters tell stories related to yearly seasons. Each story, combining fiction and auto-biographic elements, reflects on waiting in relation to learned perception, the future, and the notion of the good
life. Waiting is situated as an interval where one can exit chronological time, by inviting wakefulness towards new opportunities to come. New visions and orientations become possible as the future is not what comes after the now, but
it is already in constant conversation with the present.
In the work, waiting takes place in absentia, further exploring and complicating themes of presence. As the listener is hearing the confessions at another time than that of the confessing, this tension becomes central in the work, allowing for possibility and promise to be projected in the gap between the two moments.

The project’s writing is based on different sources, including articles, social media, diaristic content and conversions. For the conversions, ten people from my circle of friends and acquaintances - Alina Lupu, Florian Cramer, Rana and Sara Hamadeh, Lili Huston-Herterich, Cannach MacBride, Yael Davids, Constanza Gajardo, Irina Gheorghe and Clementine Edwards - were invited to talk with me for an hour about waiting. The conversations, audio recorded, are exploring
how others experience and deal with their day-to-day lives.

A Year Without A Summer is the second episode of the project What Happens If We Wait Together? (2020-2023)
Made possible by a financial contribution from CBK Rotterdam and Droom en Daad